Two years together

Exactly today, me and Abhi are having our second anniversary. Two years together. Damn, time flies like crazy. It’s been a time full of joy, but also a crazy roller coaster, full of ups and downs, like in every relationship.

When we first met, during that memorable evening at the karaoke, that was it. Although at that point it didn’t even came to my mind that two years later our lives will look so much different. We have turned from party-every-day people to responsible, but still spontaneous, parents.

If you ever say two years is too little to change something in your life, I’ll tell you something – it is not.

But I didn’t want to talk about our evolution today. Those two years have changed me, clearly – and they have changed me for better. That’s what happens when you meet someone who brings out the best in you.

Almost 3 years ago, when I came to Uganda with a backpack, I was wild. I had just turned down a fantastic, well-paid job offer at Google only to stay in Kampala. Partying every night, taking a quick nap, going to work and partying again. Weekends out of town, in the nature. My life was a mess I was trying to run away from by creating even bigger mess around me. Couple of short-term botched relationships, living in hostels, wearing the same pair of Converse every day.

And then one evening I met him. It took us probably less than 10 minutes to click. We became friends and it didn’t take me long to know he is The One.

Crazy, but having both feet on the ground. He taught me to distance myself from the bad. To be open for people, but not trust them too much. He made me realize it’s totally normal to have problems, but the key is to not let them take over your life because time fixes everything. In a year, five, ten, the problem once bringing you down will be long gone. Time heals everything. Nothing is permanent.

He taught me to be careful. Something so obvious, but apparently not. He taught me to plan big things and actually stick to that plan. The Old Me, who would just change my plans overnight, just because, has grown up.

After all, every day he teaches me how to enjoy life and leave stress behind.

No life is a fairy tale. And believe me, I do get frustrated sometimes (when his clothes are everywhere or when he turns into a workaholic), and I know he does get frustrated too (when he has no idea why I’m grumpy, and I actually don’t know that either! I just am :))

But after all, when he hugs me, all that frustration, all those bad moods, anxiety or sadness – they disappear in the blink of an eye.

That’s what matters the most and I wouldn’t exchange it for any other feeling.

To hundred more happy anniversaries!

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