2018 is going to be a “Me Year”

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope your New Year’s Eve celebrations were memorable. Mine definitely were as we have spent the evening watching movies until I had passed out on a bean bag at 10 pm. Abhi woke me up at midnight to see the fireworks, but my eyelids were too heavy and in 30 seconds I was back in bed 😀 But hey, #BeingAMom!

I’m not a fan of summmaries and thinking about past events, so, instead of focusing on 2017 a lot, I’d rather think about the upcoming year.

Yesterday evening, I have came back from my first run in 2018 and, I have to admit, I had thousands of thoughts going through my mind during those 40 minutes. Was my 2017 memorable? What will 2018 bring? How can I make it better than the previous year?

2017 in a nutshell

With no doubt the highlight of the year was Chloe. Becoming a mom has changed me and my lifestyle in quite a number of ways. The most important being my physical and mental health.

Chloe, I and Abhi

I haven’t written about it yet (although I took many attempts), but last couple of months have been extremely though for me. With no reason, I started gaining a lot of weight and that has affected me both physically and mentally.

Travel-wise 2017 has been rather calm. Besides short weekend trips to Jinja or Entebbe, my flight to Poland and a Christmas visit to Mombasa (Kenya), I was spending time in Kampala. The fact that I have delivered in April and abroad, filled beginning of 2017 with anticipation, and its second part with a struggle to get a passport and Polish citizenship for Chloe.

Compared to 2016, 2017 was a calm year and there’s really not a lot I can summarize. I would actually prefer to focus on the future and what 2018 will bring.

Taking up on what I neglected

There are several areas I have really neglected in a last year and I came to this realization only recently. Pregnancy, motherhood and a lot of work-related stress took its toll. Before I got pregnant my weight showed 73 kg with a height of 174 cm. Pregnancy, due to a lot of nausea, ended up with 74kg (yes, I have put up 1 kg only…) and after the delivery, it took me couple of days to go down to 71kg.

8 months after pregnancy, due to lack of sleep, increased stress at work and very little time for myself, my weight shows 84 kg, which is more than I’ve ever weighted in my entire life.

I’m putting these numbers up here, because it’s a part of my plan for 2018 to feel good again, solve all my post-natal all my health problems and get back to how I used to feel. I’m giving myself 6 months to get back to 70 kg again.

#postpartumjourney Human body is an incredible thing 💪 The way we can shape it and influence how it looks like is great. This is me 10 weeks pregnant (left) and 10 weeks postpartum (right). While the look on the left didn’t take too much effort to achieve, it took a lot of pain and sweat to get back in shape (very basic shape…) after pregnancy. I’ve been working out literally every day after I was cleared by a doctor at my 5th week postpartum, and eating healthy 🍳🍌 . Getting back to your pre-pregnancy body doesn’t happen overnight. Each of us is different and we all need to do it in our own pace. Some leave hospital looking like they were never pregnant, for some it takes a year to get back to where they were, and some will never look the same again. And yes, it’s totally normal! ✔ . While I fit into my old jeans again, there’s still a lot of changes going on in my body. It takes us 9 months to grow a baby. Don’t be to harsh on yourself and give it time to get back to normal again 👌 Regardless of the outcome, don’t give up and stay active and healthy. We’re all beautiful the way we are 🌷 . . . #fitnessmotivation #fitness #fitnessmom #fitnessinspiration #momswholift #girlswholift #mondaymotivation #workoutmotivation #mondayworkout #legday #fitmama #fitmom #postpartumfitness #postpartumjourney #dontgiveup #workout #activemom #healthylifestyle #newmom

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This resolution comes with a plan for a lot of physical activity and healthy eating. I’m starting regular trainings 4 times a week and revolutionizing the way I eat by introducing 3 veggie days weekly. I’m also on a mission to complete an online course to become a personal trainer. Not to train others, but to be able to help myself and be more conscious about the way I can strengthen my body.

A friend of mine, and a mom, posted in a WhatsApp group recently:

“Remember, your kids don’t want a perfect mom. They just want a happy one.”

And I just couldn’t agree more! That’s why 2018 is going to be a year to focus on myself. Finding my inner balance by going back to regular meditation; feeling good in my body thanks to regular trainings and good nutrition; focusing on my neglected passions – traveling and photography. 2018 is going to be a “Me Year”.

PS. Watch my Facebook page, because already on Saturday we’re setting off on a one-day no-baby adventure trip with Abhi. Any guesses what we’re about to do? 😉

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